These 13 Most Overlooked Signs That Cancer May Be Growing In Your Body are early indicators that there might be a problem inside your body. Like most diseases and illnesses there usually are numerous telltale signs that are warnings that something is going amiss with your health.

13 Overlooked Cancer Warning Signs

13 Warning Signs Of Cancer

In order to enjoy life and not live compromised it is important to be aware of what your body is telling you. If something is going wrong then the earlier you catch it and treat it, the better are your chances of overcoming whatever the problem is.

The body is such a complex organism that it is hard sometimes to keep up with what it is doing or going through. So many external things attack the body daily and it is in a constant fight to keep maintaining itself in peak form.

Internal thing go awry also and the body has that fight to deal with also. Eating the proper foods, exercising, not engaging in harmful activities all work together to insure your body is strong enough to fight off whatever comes its way.

Being cognizant of things that are happening out of the ordinary is what can add years to your life and make the quality of the life much better.

One of the top diseases that threaten a healthy and long life is the Big C.


The Big C could also stand for Chaos because once Cancer gets momentum it becomes a almost unstoppable deadly force.

In order to prevent that from occurring it is highly important to be aware of things happening to your body that may be warning you of the presence of Cancer.

13 of these signs are listed below:


It’s okay to get winded after doing something strenuous like exercising, running, doing some physically demanding task, even people in pretty good shape get winded at times.

The problem comes when you have shortness of breath when you have not engaged in any strenuous activities, simple walking could trigger you to be short of breath, even just standing up from a seated position or walking up a flight of stairs.

You may also notice you can hear yourself wheezing while you are relaxed or you are wheezing while you sleep.

This is usually one of the early signs of lung cancer.

If You Experience A Chronic Cough Coupled With Chest Pain

According to some people, experiencing pain down the arm in addition to chest pain and cough are also a pretty common sign. Leukemia and lung tumors, which are types of cancers, can even mimic symptoms of a chronic cough.

Increased Difficulty While Swallowing

Experiencing increased difficulties while swallowing may signify possible presence of throat, lung or esophageal cancer.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

These could occur on the underarms, groin and in the neck area.

These are often negative changes in the lymphactic system and they are unfortunately mostly caused by the presence of cancer.

Bruising and Bleeding

If you experience bleeding that doesn’t stop and unexplained bruising these are signs that there is a problem with your red blood cells and platelets.

Another telltale sign that points to Leukemia.

The amount of your white blood cells becomes abnormal. This will eliminate your red blood cells and your body becomes unable to clot, resulting in the lost of blood.

Suffering From Fatigue

One of the most overlooked signs of cancer is fatigue. If you feel drained all the time this could be telling you to see a doctor to determine if it is being caused by cancer in your body.

Cancer stomach symptoms

Stomach aches caused by cancer

Feeling Bloating

Sudden abdominal weight gain and feeling bloated all the time are signs that need attention.
If these symptoms persist over long periods of time they usually indicate ovarian cancer.

Sudden weight loss

Staying in shape and losing weight is great, but when you suddenly start dropping pounds for no reason is not a good sign, because weight loss that happens suddenly can signify a liver cancer.

Additionally the possibility maybe that some type of cancer that has spread to your liver and is affecting your appetite.

Upset Stomach

Stomach pains, aches and upset stomachs are indicators that something is not right.

The occasional aches or bad stomach feelings could just be caused by something you ate that wasn’t right but if you start to experience them frequently this may signify colon or rectal cancer.

Back Pain

Lower back pain may be a sign of liver cancer, but it could also indicate breast cancer due to the fact some breast tumors press backwards into the chest.

Cancer Fighting And Winning The Battle

Fighting Cancer Ribbon

Nail Changes

The nails can tell you volumes about your health.

Changes in the nails like streaks, dots, in and under the nails, color changes-pale or white nails and clubbing may point towards liver or lung cancer.

Infections and Recurrent Fevers

Frequent fevers and Infections can signify leukemia which is one type of a blood tumor that develops in the bone marrow.

It makes the marrow produce abnormal white blood cells which later attack your entire immune system.

These two can also be caused by other illnesses but are included as likely candidates of cancer warning signs.

Face Swelling

Swelling in the face combined with redness and puffiness can be a sign that there is a presence of small tumors in your lungs that are blocking the main blood flows which leads to your face.

Lumps That Are Sore

Lumps that are sore and do not heal are could be part of 3 types of skin cancer.

These 3 types that may cause these sore lumps to appear on your skin are:
Basal cell carcinoma
Squamous cell carcinoma

These skin lumps generally bleed easily and don’t heal.

Be aware of these signs and always err on the side of caution.

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These 13 Most Overlooked Signs That Cancer May Be Growing In Your Body are early indicators that there might be a problem inside your body. Like most diseases and illnesses there usually are numerous telltale signs that are warnings that something is going amiss with your health. In order to enjoy life...