25 of the Best Weight Loss Tips

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1. Everyone is different, so are you
Start by recognizing that everybody is different. By comparing with others, you could end up discouraging yourself.

2. Sleep – The luxury you can afford.
Many people underestimate sleep. To burn fats more efficiently, you need at least eight hours of sleep. Sleeping less will not help burn more fats. Your body needs rest. Sleep is something you just cannot do without.

3. 80% Full is good for You
Do you know why the Japanese off the shore of Mainland Japan are bestowed with good health and longevity? The secret is Hara hachi bu. It is cultural habits of eating till you’re 80% full. Our stomachs generally take a longer time to send signals to our brain to tell us we’re full, so eating to your heart’s content is usually overeating.

sleep helping weight loss

Sleeping To Lose Weight

4. Taking small meals isn’t a myth!
If you’ve heard of this somewhere before, that source is reliable. Snacks in between meals would prevent you from gobbling up your next meal. Calories taken in during larger meals tend to get stored as fat.

5. Take your time, Chew and digest!
Our brain takes time to recognize we’ve just had about enough food. A good way to consume your food is to take your time to chew it and eat it. That’ll give your brain time to recognize that you are full. It also helps reduce digestion problems since chewing longer would help in the process of breaking down food.

6. The King, Queen and Peasant.
Eat like a King at breakfast. Eat like a Queen at lunch. Eat like a Peasant at dinner. Unless you’re going to need that much energy doing night strenuous activities, please stick to the peasant’s diet at night. Studies have shown eating at night will cause you to gain weight – The later the worse.

7. A spoonful of sugar…
A spoonful of sugar or a tiny snack 20 minutes before your next meal would prevent you from overeating. This has to do with the long time taken for the brain to process hunger.

8. Abstain from Soft Drinks
This is a simple advice, but by simply stick to a water-only diet can significantly reduce the amount of calorie intake. One can of coke requires 12 minutes of jogging to lose it. How many cans do you drink?

how soft drinks have empty calories

Soft Drinks Are Empty Calories

9. Find a companion
Losing weight alone is not easy. You will easily fall prey to temptation. Studies have shown that losing weight with a companion is more effective than doing it alone. Instead of deciding that you can always exercise tomorrow, you can have your companion nag you out of bed today.

10. But, the next stop is where I should get off!
Getting off one stop earlier to walk is an innovative way to burn some calories without spending an entire hour out to exercise. If you find that you have insufficient time to exercise, try getting off a stop earlier to walk home or taking the stairs more often than the lift.

11. Household Chores
Participate in the cleaning of the house. Fire the maid, save more than $500 every month, and stay trim. Sounds like a good deal?



12. Watch your Calories
Before you decide to take an extra serving of rice, eat more bread, or order another packet of French Fries, consider how much of that is going to stay with you. We often eat more than we require. It’s a good idea to count those calories.

13. Eat in Moderation, says your Healthier Choice Logo
Same goes with losing weight. Going on a diet doesn’t mean you steer clear of your old foods. The key is to eat in moderation.

14. Play games
Everything is possible with the Nintendo Wii. You could play the Wii Fit, Wii Tennis or other interactive games that get you to lose those calories. Sure on-line research has proved that these games do not lose as much calories as the real activity itself, but hey, what’s better than losing weight and having fun at the same time?

15. Buy a weighing machine
This would constantly update you on your progress. Don’t think that you should go on a diet and weigh yourself after a month to give yourself a pleasant surprise. Chances are, you’re in for a rude shock. Updating yourself will tell you whether you need to do more, or do less.

16. Set realistic goals
You will not lose 20 kilos in a month. Give yourself a realistic target according to your lifestyle. Unrealistic targets will only discourage you.

17. Drastic changes are bad
If you decide to suddenly reduce your food intake whilst continuing your exercise regime, chances are, you’re going to end up taking in more than what you did before. This is because
your body thinks you’ve come across problems getting food – better store more food for the rainy days!

18. Know yourself
Find out why you tend to overeat. Sometimes people overeat due to emotions like sadness. So the next time you’re depressed, you consciously know what to avoid.

19. Hearty Fibres
Do not just stick with meat. Having a larger serving of vegetables instead. They are full of fibres and they fill your stomach fast. They are low in calories, full of vitamins, and give you an easier time in the toilet.

20. Keep a Journal
Record the food you eat. Modify your diet. Modify your regime. Find your sweet spot.

journal for weight loss goals


21. Come up with an exercise regime
As much as this nagging advice seems to appear everywhere, it is the most important way to stay healthy and to keep trim. Our busy and stressful lifestyle here makes it hard to fit time in. Plan out a time-table for exercise and adhere to it.

22. Choose your exercise
Some exercises, like cycling, are more effective than jogging. Cyclist tend to burn more calories as not only are their legs moving, but their entire body is working to keep balance. Swimmers are known to work the entire body. Most important of all – choose something you like. If it’s a sport you dislike, you’re most likely not going to do it effectively.

23. Play physical games
Join your neighbourhood soccer team. Play basketball with your old classmates. Follow your dad to a game of badminton. Physical games keep you healthy while having fun. While you are focused in the midst of the game, you tend to exert yourself more.

24. Do not just stick to dieting alone
Despite the fact that muscles weight more than fats, you wouldn’t want to be burning them first! If you’re not going to exercise, your body will burn muscles instead. So don’t forget to include exercise somewhere in that schedule.

25. Strive for a balanced lifestyle
All else being said and done, one should strive for a balanced lifestyle. Losing weight should not be your main priority. If you have enough sleep, eat in moderation, avoid too much sugar, you will find yourself naturally losing weight

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25 of the Best Weight Loss Tips 1. Everyone is different, so are you Start by recognizing that everybody is different. By comparing with others, you could end up discouraging yourself. 2. Sleep – The luxury you can afford. Many people underestimate sleep. To burn fats more efficiently, you need at least eight...