After I had started using what I had found out a few people at my job commented on how fit I looked and wanted to know what I was doing.

I told them and they became interested so they started listening to me and suddenly I was a weight coach. They started following my advice and soon people were asking them what they were doing.

They told them how I had helped them out and more people started coming to me to find out what they could do to get in shape. I explained to them that it wasn’t hard and when I told them they could still eat what they wanted and still get in shape they were excited.

I started having so many people come to me that I decided to put what I know into a book form. Believe me it makes me feel good to see the smiling faces or hear the joy in peoples voices when they start seeing the results happen. And they do happen. I want you to buy my book for you and join the people who finally feel good about how they look.

I want you to share your happiness with me and share it with others who may be in the same boat but don’t have the knowledge yet.

I Lost The Weight Guy