15 Best Motivation Tips To Stay On Your Diet/Weight Loss Goals


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First Ask Yourself-“The Why”

Why do you want to lose weight? What’s your motivation?
Is your reason:
To be healthier
Feel better
Look better
Was it suggested by a doctor, a relative, a close friend?
Did you want to fit in your favorite clothes again?

Figure out your reasons and jot them down somewhere so you can refer to them to keep motivation at a high level.
When you slow down or start slacking away from your goals refer back to them, read them and re-commit yourself.

Get Rid of Bad Eating Habits!

It is hard to stay on a diet if you are not motivated. And, most people find that the biggest problem they have is that staying on the diet is really difficult because they want to go back to their bad eating habits of before. When you are in this situation you need some motivation. Luckily, there are some easy ways to motivate you to stay on your diet and get in shape. The following suggestions are just a few ways to help you get thin and stay that way.

Don’t Fool Yourself In The Beginning

Nothing is going to be perfect and plans will get sometimes derailed. The best laid plans are often led astray.
Know this and don’t dote on it when it happens. Things will always popup and put a damper on what you are trying to do but they don’t have any major effects as long as you remain true to the path you are on.
Plan for those special events and holidays impacting some of your goals but when you make your goals a lifestyle, you will remain steadfast in your achievements.
Prepare yourself for these moments and you will remain motivated.


Checking Your Belly Fat Success

Stay With The Positives

Focus on the positives and eliminate the negatives. Every cloud has a silver lining. If you miss a certain goal, check to see how close you came to it and acknowledge that fact. If you didn’t go 5 steps at least you went 3 or 4 and that is great in and of itself.
Give yourself positive affirmations. Look in the mirror and say out loud, “I am going to do this” and keep saying it as you embark on your mission.

Commit Commit Commit

Put yourself on the spot a little. Spread the word of your intentions. If you tell people about what you are doing most of them will check on your progress and this will make you more accountable and less likely to drop the ball.
Some people even get together with groups of others on the same path and have competitions to see who stays on the path and reaches goals by set times.

Aim For Those New Clothes


Shopping Spree After Losing Weight

Go ahead and get out your skinny pants and try them on. They will probably be really tight and you may not be able to wear them. That’s okay because next week when you try them on they will be a little bit looser. Then, the week after that they will be even looser. And then finally they will fit you perfectly and you will be a whole size smaller! You can go out and buy some new clothes in a size too small and then just try it on every week until it fits. Doing this will motivate you to stay on your diet so you can continue fitting into smaller clothes.

Your Plan Should Fit Your Lifestyle

Everyone has a different lifestyle. Different work times, different sleep patterns, different times they interact with family and friends, so it’s important to make sure your fitness plan fits within your lifestyle and becomes a part of your lifestyle.
This way you will have a better chance with sticking to it.

Fat Picture


Motivation To Lose Weight And Get In Shape

Another way to motivate yourself is to put a fat picture of yourself on the refrigerator. That way every time you go to the refrigerator you will see your fat self staring back. You will realize that you aren’t that hungry and that you don’t want to wreck your diet. Find a picture and put it on the refrigerator today.

Journey Goals And Destination Goals

Some people who try to lose weight only think about the end goal (target weight), that’s good but one must not forget to focus also on the small steps along the way. By keeping these small goals in focus you can stay motivated as success is obtained.
The reason being your destination goal may be too far away from where you are now and may hamper your motivation.
Consider setting SMART goals to set strong goals. SMART being an acronym for:
•Specific-make the goal specific
•Measurable-make sure you can measure it
•Achievable-don’t be unrealistic
•Realistic-be realistic
•Time-based-set a time span for acheiving

For example a SMART goal could be:
•I will walk 20 minutes a day for 3 days this week.
•I will eat 2 servings of fruit 4 days this week.
•I will only drink 2 pops/soda this week.

Weekly Weigh In

Weigh yourself before you begin dieting and then on the same day every week. You should keep track of your weight so that you know how much you are losing. Seeing your results written down each week will motivate you to stay on your diet and continue losing weight.

Tools to measure weight loss

Weight loss measuring tools

Test Results

Another way to motivate yourself to stay on your diet is to keep any test results posted in a conspicuous place so you can look at them regularly. Tests that show your cholesterol levels or the like will help motivate you to stay on your diet and lose the weight.

Toast Each Small Achievement

Every time you accomplish a goal celebrate that accomplishment with a pat on the back.
Every time you achieve something it keeps you motivated and committed to your goals. It’s important that you make sure to acknowledge your efforts and realize that you are indeed winning. You are on the path to achieving even more.

Share your success with friends and family and even in social groups for motivation inspiration.
Reward yourself..for example:
•You could go to the movies
•Treat yourself to a massage
•Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure
•Buy a new outfit
•Do something special with family and friends

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You couldn’t help yourself you took a day off and enjoyed that heaping bowl of ice cream and that moist piece of German chocolate cake.
The guilt of how could you do this to yourself creeps in.
Don’t listen to it, as long as you snap right back to your journey you will be alright.
As long as you realize,”One monkey don’t stop no show” you will be fine.
Just make sure that it is a one up thing and don’t slip into it being a habit.

Food control for weight loss

Controlling food when dieting


Getting A Pro To Help

It never hurts to acknowledge the fact that you may need a little professional assistance with some goals you set. A personal trainer, a dietician, a doctor can all point us in the right directions to make sure we are working the wrong way and hindering our results.
This what they do.
They guide average people into the right directions and assist them in working smarter not harder.
They are also great motivators.

Without motivation there are no results so utilize all these techniques to keep your motivation high.

If these methods don’t work for you that is okay. Simply think of what will motivate you to lose weight and then implement it into your daily lifestyle. You will then be able to lose weight and feel great about it!


Do What You Enjoy

Find a physical activity that you actually enjoy doing. If you do an activity that you don’t care for you will eventually stop doing it and your motivation will probably go with it.
If you find an activity you enjoy you will continue to do it and this will help you stay motivated.
Music is a great assistant also, some activities will keep you engaged longer when music accompanies them.
Running on a boring treadmill, snap on some good music and you will run longer and maybe a little faster depending on what is playing.

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15 Best Motivation Tips To Stay On Your Diet/Weight Loss Goals First Ask Yourself-“The Why” Why do you want to lose weight? What’s your motivation? Is your reason: To be healthier Feel better Look better Was it suggested by a doctor, a relative, a close friend? Did you want to fit in your favorite clothes again? Figure out...