BMI Stands For Body Mass Index

Know How Much Weight You Need To Lose?

Many People Think They Know The Answer But Really Have No Clue !!

Here’s How To Find The Answer To Those Often Asked Questions,”How Over Weight Am I” and “What Is My Ideal Weight“.

Do you know how much weight you need to lose?

Many people decide on an arbitrary number. For example, if they weigh 200 pounds they decide that 180 is a great goal. In addition, it may be a great mid-way goal, but it should not be the final goal. Certainly, any amount of weight loss is excellent and will reduce your risk of all kinds of diseases and ailments.

So, while you are losing weight you will want to continue and try to lose as much as possible to get your BMI into the normal weight range.

What is BMI?


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Your BMI is your Body Mass Index.

This is a calculation that measures your weight in relation to your height and frame. There are certain measurements that indicate you are too thin, within the correct weight for your age, overweight, or obese. Less than 18.5 is considered underweight while normal is 18. 5 to 24.9.

More than 25 but less than 29.9 is considered overweight and a BMI that is over 30 is considered obese. Many people are surprised by their BMI because they think they are just a little chubby or are carrying around an extra 10 pounds. When they calculate their BMI and find out they are considered overweight or obese it is quite shocking. The benefit of this, though, is it helps motivate people to lose that extra baggage.

A great way to know how much to lose is to plug your height and a potential weight into a BMI calculator.

You want to find a weight that will land you somewhere in the “normal” range. Once you find this number then you need to continue losing weight until you reach that point. Sure, it will take a long time and it will be challenging.

However, you can do it if you really want to so focus on reaching a healthy BMI for you and your health.



Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)

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BODY MASS INDEX CALCULATOR Know How Much Weight You Need To Lose? Many People Think They Know The Answer But Really Have No Clue !! Here's How To Find The Answer To Those Often Asked Questions,'How Over Weight Am I' and 'What Is My Ideal Weight'. Do you know how much weight you...