Motivational Posters With Pictures For Weight Loss

Posted on December 3, 2008 by admin.
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The Collection Of Motivational and Inspirational Pictures And Posters For Weight Loss

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we figured a few pictures would scream out to you to get in shape.

running statue motivational funny poster

Obesity is no joking matter, but sometimes a nervous laugh at ourselves, instead of some of the mean laughs we receive from unsympathetic people will ease the pain we sometimes feel, when dealing with weight problems.

Inspirational pictures could inspire the jump start we need to get on the getting in shape wagon.

funny inspirational poster for weight loss and abs

When you are overweight you create all kinds of potential problems in your life and thee problems not only affect you, but the people around you who depend on you and care about you.

Health problems become a second nature to people with excess weight.  Simple things that you do without thinking become complex things you have to concentrate on.

cute cat motivational poster for losing weight

There is a domino effect of negative factors, that you begin to deal with, which makes your life more cumbersome and hard to manage.

Walking becomes a chore, climbing steps becomes a chore, sports are pretty much given up for the safe comfort of a easy chair, and a slow process of a higher demand on your vital organs, becomes a standard operational procedure for your body.

funny motivational poster biggest hamburger picture

It’s a frightening thing when you look in the mirror and notice your shape is gone and has been replaced by protruding areas of excess fat. You noticed the increased belly fat, the love handles, the double chin and the fat thighs.  Not a pretty site and you are speedily becoming the poster child for unhealthy living.

You no longer play that important athletic role in your circle of friends or even your kids fun times.

The most important thing is your health, physical and mental.

Your mental health can further deteriorate your physical being , due to low esteem, which sets in motion many negative cycles.

motivational poster with funny saying for cupcakes calories and fat loss

You have to break through the excess weight cycle which may lead to obesity and a shorter life span.

This site is chocked full of inspirational material, informative articles and success stories.

Let yours be one of them!!!

Takes These Inspirational and Motivational Photos And Email To Friends To Inspire Them In There Weight Loss Efforts.

The Only Loser We Love Is The The One, Who Has The Weight Loss Success By Losing Weight!

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harold b.
Comment on January 6th, 2009.

These motivational posters for weight loss were pretty darn funny. Maybe I will laugh a few inches off my waist.

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