A (Slightly Whimsical) Observational Look At The State Of The Union (between Stomachs and Excess Fat).


Woman With A Big Belly

Attack of The Belly Fat

When should your Belly Be Big? Men?

When should your Belly Be Big? Women?

You would think that (the golden answer to that question would be) Anytime would be fine , if you took a look around outside. On the average day, if you stood on a street corner and counted the BellyFat Bearers that walk pass you , 4 out of 10 will have that well rounded protrusion shaking and quaking right pass you as they humbly wobble it down the street.

Doesn’t matter what age, sex, height, religion, weight?, creed or color. People from all walks of life practice The Equal Opportunity Rights Of The Pre-Obese, which must surely state, that no stomach will be denied the opportunity to become a rounded fat-filled orb and this EOR “prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin”.

The Enforcement of This EOR Act has to be at the top of any Agenda of the Food Industry, especially those departments of the Food Industry that are responsible for the, “Let’s Just Say” misleading nutritional labels for neophyte calorie counters. You Know the ones with the 400 calories written in Large Type and Bold Print with the itsy-bitsy-better-have-a-great-magnifying-glass small type per servings (one cake equal to 20 servings) on the outside package.

Did You Know, “My Wife Has A Beer Belly” She Is Not Pregnant, The Test Came Up Negative

lady in a pink blouse with a big belly protruding out

Some women can get away with the cloaked disguise of being pregnant (even though every egg is intact and untouched by man or lab doctor and the closest fertilization going on would be the toppings on the front lawn). These women are our mirror images of Big Beer Bellied Men.

Men generally find favor with women when the excess fat (if it has to be dealt with) is carried in other places that are B r E a S T not mentioned, BUTT we know what those places are.

More and More women seem to be giving in, to the relaxed jeans look with the nice and soft easily adjustable (around my fat belly) spandex material waistbands.
ladies big bellyfat belly squeezing into some tight spandex jeans

And also blouses that are so large that even living large and wearing large clothing hard core rappers would trade them in for smaller sizes.

Ladies who use, “I just had a baby” to explain their Humongous midsection’s should not be allowed to use that reasoning once the child gets his first Job at McDonald’s, because surely in the years for that accomplishment to happen there must have been at least a thousand opportunities to send that Monstrous Belly Back From Whence It Came.

Baby Fat has even become more Babier Fatter as even the smallest and most innocent little charmers bear a close resemblance to tiny little Santa Clauses, without the beard, but Santa’s Belly ready to push those baby clothes up and out the way.

cute baby in a brown shirt with a big belly

Men Last but Not Least, “My Husband Is Pregnant”

Citing and Witnessing ,some phenomenal glitch in nature of the greatest proportion, may elicit a truth bearing statement that a man could be pregnant, but that has yet to occur.

Even though a more than typical statement often heard daily, after greeting 4 out of 10 men, is, “You Look Like Your Pregnant” and “How many months are you” followed by chuckles and smiles. This is almost becoming a standard greeting.

There must be some allure to those big -rotund-masses-of-grouped-up-and-enlarged-localized- fat-cells that make men take both hands and affectionately rub their hands on these belly’s in a circular motion and also pat them with their hands in a proud motion.

The old left hand pat on the belly, then the right hand pat on the belly , then both hands patting and then repeating this ritual several times with a final grab, lift and dropping of the massive midsection with both hands. You know you have witnessed this before many times.

At these times these actions may have been triggered when a false belief crept in, “that the damage is done and can not be reversed” sets in and a, “If you can’t beat them (the bloated stomach fast rising minority) join them” mentality comes into play.

For those of you who would like to get rid of your, “Wife’s Beer Belly” and “Your Husband’s Pregnant Look” you may want to read through the other articles on this site that will fill you with motivation, give you informational inspiration, destroy a few weight loss myths, learn some what not to eat tips and pick up a few good habits.

That is unless you’re a member of the animal kingdom where having a big bellyfat rotund orb shaped midsection is acceptable.

ape with a big round belly sitting in the jungle

or maybe even a cartoon character where in the words of that beautiful and famous rabbit, “Jessica Rabbit” stated, “I’m just drawn that way” and it really doesn’t matter.
funny image of a cartoon man with a gigantic bellyfat midsection

But if You Are Not! Get on the Weight Loss Wagon And Let’s Trim That Belly Down To Size.

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A (Slightly Whimsical) Observational Look At The State Of The Union (between Stomachs and Excess Fat). Attack of The Belly Fat When should your Belly Be Big? Men? When should your Belly Be Big? Women? You would think that (the golden answer to that question would be) Anytime would be fine , if...