“Make up your bed” “Did you make up your bed?” “Make sure you make up your bed”

All of us have heard these statements being drummed into our heads growing up.

After all the bed is one of the biggest items in your room and once you make it up, the bedroom looks a whole lot nicer and roomier even if other things are astray.

In fact some visitors love it when we make our beds up immediately after we get out of them.

Unfortunately according to scientist those visitors are over a million dust mites.

Yes, you read correctly, over a million dust mites. You can go Ewwww now.

How Dust Mites Affect You

How dust mites affect people

Scientist say that when we immediately make up our beds we create the perfect environment for these critters to breed in and it’s also the perfect environment for those nasty bedbugs too.

The reason is when you get out of bed and you make it up you lock humidity in the mattress and sheets and these critters love that because this makes those sheets and mattresses a breeding playground for them.

What’s are dust mites?

They are super small microscopic organisms that gorge off your sweat and your dead skin cells.

These mites are contributors to allergies getting triggered and problem with people suffering from asthma.

No bed is safe and the statistics show that the average bed is the housing unit for over a million of these microscopic creatures.

They are all in the bed linen fibers and will flourish as long as they inhabit the perfect environment.

Dust Mites Can Cause These Health Problems

The number one problem is dust allergies,a few symptoms resulting from this condition include things such as:

    • Constant Sneezing
    • Having an itchy nose, itchy throat or roof of mouth itching
    • Postnasal drip
    •  Constant Running of the nose
How dust mites look

Dust mites look like this

  • Notice any Red, itchy bumps on the skin? They could be causing them
  • Feelings of facial pressure and pain
  • Nasal congestion
  • Coughing
Dust mites cause these problems

Problems caused by dust mites

Things to consider

You may think first off, “I could vacuum more and get rid of the dust better”, which is a great idea but you could make it worse by using a vacuum not cleaned by a HEPA filter.

Wash your sheets as often and regularly as you can and this will definitely help.

It may not sit well but one powerful thing that helps is..

Leaving your bed unmade. When exposed to warm conditions, dryness and direct sunlight they die off because they can not survive in those particular conditions. They need moisture and if the moisture is gone they become dehydrated and die off.

Let that good old sun shine in and evaporate those nasty mites.

The faster you create a dry environment the faster you can make up your bed without the worries these dust mites cause.

Sleep tight and don’t let the dust mites bite.

Dust mite bed bug different looks

Dust Mites Vs Bed Bugs

We know that saying originally said, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” but a look into bed bugs will come in another article.

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'Make up your bed' 'Did you make up your bed?' 'Make sure you make up your bed' All of us have heard these statements being drummed into our heads growing up. After all the bed is one of the biggest items in your room and once you make it up, the...