You Have That Special Tattoo Or You’re Thinking About Getting That Special Tattoo.


Don’t let weight affect your tattoo


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Getting a Tattoo
is a important decision if you do not already have one. Some designs are very costly and time consuming. You undergo a certain amount of pain, and that pain is increased depending on the area of your body, that you choose.


Some are masterpieces to be admired, with very intricate designs, in opposed to ones, that are just simple names and numbers.

You want to insure, that these works of art, are not destroyed from their original glory due to weight loss or weight gain.

A few questions that may arise:

How does your fluctuation in weight affect your piece of art?

Should you get one if you are currently on a diet?

Will exercise and weight lifting affect your design?

Will fast weight loss affect your design more than a slower drop in pounds?

Are certain designs affected more?

Will the places that your designs are located affected more than other spots?

Will Pregnancy alter your Tattoo?

Places least effected

Your back usually, at least the upper area, seems to withstand changes from rapid fluctuations in weight and age.

Ankles, Hands, Wrists, Feet, Upper Back and a few more places have a tendency to not change for most people, too drastically.

Your sides seem not to do so well, but you could get your back done first if you are impatient, and then go on your weight loss program, afterwards you could get your sides done, if you are including them in your design.

Weight gain or loss effect

When you lose weight your skin will systematically tighten up and your design will complement this by becoming tighter.

When you gain weight, there’s a possibility that your tattoo could fade or discolor.

These changes should be taken into consideration, when you are deciding on the area of the body you choose.

Tattoos that are located on locations of the body, that have the tendency to store more fat and are susceptible to stretching of the skin, show signs, that they are more likely to be affected by weight changes, up or down.

Pregnancy and rapid weight or muscular gain will often cause stretch marks.

Pregnancy, definitely has been seen to alter tattoos on the stomach, usually permanently. Stretch marks can permanently damage the appearance of your designs.

Usually when men exercise and use weights, they have to noticeably change to alter a piece on their arm.

The end result, that is usually seen is that the tattoo may be lighter and/or distorted somewhat.

If genetically your skin can expand and shrink from weight fluctuations, without losing it’s elasticity, it will have less impact, if any, on your inking.

On the safe side you could just choose a location that will not get stretched too much regardless of any body changes. For some women added areas of less impact are the high chest areas.

Quick Summary

When weight loss or gain is possible these variables need to be addressed:

A. Be aware of the possible amount of weight that could be lost or on the other hand, gained,

B. Be aware of how fast you lose or gain weight, because this will have a direct affect on how your art work will respond.

C. Decide on the part of the body it will be located, for the type of design you choose, and how that part of the body is affected by weight loss or gain.

D. Always be aware of how intricate your tattoo design you choose is, because this will factor in the cost, location and the likelihood of changes in your body structure.

Enjoy Your Tattoo

Take Care Of That TATTOO

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You Have That Special Tattoo Or You're Thinking About Getting That Special Tattoo. TATTOOS AND WEIGHT Getting a Tattoo is a important decision if you do not already have one. Some designs are very costly and time consuming. You undergo a certain amount of pain, and that pain is...