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The world we live in is slowing but surely becoming a world where inhabitants that are Overweight and out of shape are the norm. This is a growing problem that has a domino effect on health concerns, self image, depression, and it also extends to the habits and well fare of our children.

This site will continually update and provide visitors with information that will inform, inspire and sometimes shock.

1 out of every 4 people are falling into the category of Needing Weight Loss
today. Take a look in the mirror and see if you are one of them. We have set in motion a cycle that goes from being fat to obese to grossly obese.

Bookmark this site as we will be exploring all the branches of this Overweight Topic. From the simplicity of what a calorie is to the complexities of the human body and psychological ramifications of this situation.

Articles, videos, pictures, graphs, suggestions, facts, myths, and tools to help in your battle with weight loss and getting back in shape will be here for your usage.

Inspiration and Motivation will help you achieve the healthy body you desire!!

obese lady needing to exercise

Lady Needing To Exercise

What Is The Ideal Weight For Your Height-Men

Check The Chart

What’s is your Ideal Weight-Women-

Check The Chart

**The No BS Reasons Behind The Need For Weight Loss**

Read It And Weep

*Our Kids Are Becoming Pre-Obese Adults*

This Cycle Must Be Stopped

!!Taking A Preventive Step Is Not hard To Do-Dying Before Your Time Due To Obesity Is Even Easier!!

Sad But True

*The Real Deal Behind Low Fat and High Fiber Diets*

How Can This Help

Over Weight And Unhappy-A Definitely Sad Fact! Depression Grows along With The Fat Cells****

But Inspiration Is Here!!

!!!!!Scared Skinny-This Video Will Change Your Eating Habits!!!!

A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Food Industry

Fat Flabby Legs And What Needs To Be Done*

Firm Them Up

**Fat Flabby Arms-I Wouldn’t Want To Wave Them Around-Would You?

Seeing Is Believing

Firm These Up Too

Big Bellys Are Only For Pregnant Women-And BellyFat On Men Is Unacceptable!!

Unattractive and A Health Risk Issue

A Little Inspirational Video For Women To Get Start Working On Those Fat Flabby Arms

The Tricks Of The Nutritional Labels May Be Why You Have A Hard Time Losing Weight

Learn The Deceptive Practices Keeping You Fat!

Thinking and Living The Thin Life-

The How To Steps

Diabetes And Being Overweight-Learn The Facts

The How And Why They Are Related

**Belly Fat And More Destruction Of The Abs-A Whimsical But Serious Look**

Top Notch Articles Concerning Those Big BellyFat Bellys And Health Concerns

Can Romance Jumpstart Weight Loss and 11 Tips For Losing Weight

Love And Losing Weight

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